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India reopens TUFS document submission window, India

1711 - 2020

India’s office of the textile commissioner recently reopened a window from November 23 to December 5 for online submission of documentation for subsidy claims under the previous versions of the Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme (TUFS). Six prescribed documents can be submitted in the i-TUFS software related to cases under previous versions of TUFS.

India reopens TUFS document submission window, India

Only those lending agencies who have lodged or submitted at least one pending online subsidy claim for release will be able to upload the documents in i-TUFS software, the office said in a public notice.

The prescribed documents include the term-loan sanction letter, actual amount disbursed against the sanctioned term loan amount and date-wise disbursal of amount, reporting formats, exemption certificate number (ECN), subsidy calculation sheet based on actual disbursement and undertaking of the lending agency.

“Since sufficient advance notice is available to all lending agencies, it is expected that all-out efforts will be made by the banks to prepare in advance for uploading the mandatory documents and once the window is made operational from November 23, legible copies of all relevant documents will be uploaded in time,” the notice stated.

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